My Surgery Rotation Study Schedule

My Surgery Rotation Study Schedule

Hi all!! In this post, I’ll be sharing the study schedule I used to honor my third-year surgery shelf exam. It is a pretty rigorous schedule and depending on your rotation, you may not be able to follow this exact schedule. If I had to choose the two most high-yield resources, it would be Uworld Surgery and DeVirgilli! Good luck!

Resources used:

Click here for my schedule!


  • Looking back, Pestana is a great, high-yield review book. It should have reviewed it closer to the exam (in addition to using it at the beginning).
  • The shelf is hard! Most of the questions were on trauma surgery or GI (as expected). There was a good representation of the other topics (i.e. peds, endocrine, pre/post-operative care) sprinkled in. What caught me most by surprise was the number of questions on the management of breast lesions. Your test will probably be different, but I think it’s worth looking over that topic (just in case!)
  • De virgilio and Uworld are gold.
  • Doing Uworld internal medicine questions was kind of overkill. If you want to do them or have time, focus on the GI questions.

Best of luck!! Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!

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