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Welcome to the Research Publication Masterclass!

This is a comprehensive course on finding research opportunities, maximizing your research output and completing your own systematic review while having one-on-one support.

After this course, you will have the toolset to excel as a student researcher and become a more competitive residency applicant. 

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"Lily's research masterclass is one of the most streamlined, easy to follow ways to understand the research process."

“Her videos are to the point so you never feel like you’re wasting your time and she provides very valuable information that would have otherwise taken hours to find online through different sites. I purchased both her first and second part and will purchase the how to write a manuscript next!!”

- Nathalie Perez

"This course provided me with all the insight I needed to find a research mentor and start my research journey!"

“Lily really emphasized different strategies for success and used her own journey to provide examples. She preached passion and patience as keys to drive productivity, and this was the highlight of the class!”

- Manav Patel


…so that instead of feeling overwhelmed by research, you feel confident and proud of your research output.

…so that it will be easy for you to boost your research productivity

…so that you can FILL your residency/medical school application with research experiences.

…so that you can spend more time on hobbies/self-care, not research. 

"She provides you with all the templates and resources you need to not only understand the meaning and work that comes with research but to be proactive and get publications."

“Lily’s Research Publication Masterclass has filled so many of my research knowledge gaps. Her course is direct and easy to follow at your own pace. I used her advice and was able to get a great research position, plus I am currently work on 3 projects now! I highly recommend taking this course!”

- Maria Aguilera


Research Publication Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to help you gain an unfair advantage by maximizing your research output.

Course Content:



Module 1


  • Get instant access to our private Slack community of students
  • Find an endless list of research positions and conferences to submit to with the Ultimate Research Opportunities List 
  • Organize yourself with the class checklist and notebook



Module 2

Foundations of Research

  • Understand the basics of research so that you are building on a solid foundation
  • Learn the importance of research and how it’s used in the application process
  • Learn the types of research and which ones you should get involved in



Module 3

Finding Your Ideal Research Mentor

  • Get a complete overview of how to find research opportunities, even ways you never thought of 
  • Learn my signature F.A.S.T. method of finding an ideal research mentor who will help you publish A LOT
  • Learn how to reach out to mentors the right way



Module 4

The Mindset Shift for Success

  • Harness the power of asking and learn proven ways to get on that publication 
  • Learn 3 essential mindset shifts that will make your mentors want to work with you
  • Get my template for asking research mentors to led your own study



Module 5

Skyrocketing Your Research Productivity

  • Maximize your research productivity with my Research Task and Project Tracker 
  • Learn how to efficiently balance school and research
  • Learn secret tips for boosting your productivity by publishing non-scientific papers

Course Contents (Part II - summarized)



part 1 - 7

My 7-Step Framework for Conducting a Systematic Review

  • From creating a study question to submitting your paper, you will learn the exact steps you need to take to efficiently and easily conduct your own first-author systematic review.
  • This is the exact method I used to publish 6+ papers within a few short months.

    Note: Covidence will be used to teach this course. Please find access to it before class (usually through your school’s library).



after submission

What to Expect After Submission

  • Learn exactly what to do for a revision request to ensure your paper gets accepted. 

Bonus Content:

Bonus 1

How to Master Your Oral or Poster Presentation Workshop

Learn everything you need to know to crush your next conference presentation!

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Bonus 2

Slack Community + Exclusive bi-monthly emails on research tips!

Get expert tips directly Lily based on your questions and specific needs instantly and via email.

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Bonus 3

Research Presentation
Templates Library

Make your next oral or poster presentation in less than 30 minutes with these made-for-you templates!

Value $99

Bonus 4

How to Find Conferences and Ways to Publish that People Don't Talk About Videos

Maximize your residency application by learning these secrets.

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Bonus 5

How to Write Your Systematic Review Guidebook and Templates

Write your paper with ease with my pre-made templates and book that outlines each section.

Value $149

Bonus 6

Nail Your Research Interview Guide

Secure your research position with these tips you cannot miss!

Value $49

Meet the Instructor, Dr. Lily, MD

Quick facts:
- Currently, I work as a Harvard Clinical Research Fellow.
- When I first began research, I was completely LOST.
- Finally, I developed a method that helped me skyrocket my research output by working with the right mentors (I share these exact strategies in the course)!
- I'm passionate about helping students through the rigors of medical school and enjoy helping students on an individualized basis to help them achieve their goals!


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I know what it takes to optimize your research output.


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I have experience working with students with diverse experiences.



This is the fastest I've completed a systematic review and can teach you how to do the same!

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Research Publication Masterclass

The only step-by-step course that will help you maximize your research output and guide you through creating your own systematic review in less than 3 weeks.

A $3,000 value all for $249

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