Top 7 Medical School Application Tips: How to Improve Your Chances at Acceptance

Top 7 Medical School Application Tips: How to Improve Your Chances at Acceptance

Applying to medical school is a long, complicated, and competitive process. In this post, I’ve gathered some tips to help make your medical school application a little easier!

Tips for applying to medical school

  • #1: Use the MSAR to create your school’s list. The two most important statistics to consider are the average GPA/MCAT of accepted students and “out-of-friendliness” (how many students are accepted from out-of-state).
  • #2: Submit your AMCAS application EARLY!! This is the most important step! I recommend submitting within the first 2 weeks of when the submission window opens. However, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality to get it in earlier. If you need to take a few extra days to improve your application, do that!
  • #3: Don’t delay submitting your AMCAS because you haven’t received your letters of recommendations (LORs) from your letter writers. Your LORs need to be available when you submit your secondaries (not AMCAS!). This means if you applied early, ask to have your letters by August!
  • #4: Soon after submitting AMCAS, start drafting your secondaries. The average medical school applicant applies to 20+ schools. Since each school has its own secondary application, pre-writing your responses can significantly expedite your turn around time! Work off previous year’s questions which you can find on Once you receive a secondary, aim to submit it within 1-2 weeks!
  • #5: Be prompt with every single step in the medical school application process! Most schools have rolling admissions so your chances of getting an interview/accepted are higher earlier in the cycle.
  • #6: For your activities sections, consider writing about what you gained from the experience rather than simply listing your responsibilities.
  • #7: If you come from a low-income family, apply to the fee assistance program before you start your application. You can even apply before you take your MCAT to receive discounted registration rates and AAMC study material. You have nothing to lose don’t get approved, but save A LOT of money if you do. So, go for it!

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