Ultimate Pre-med/Med School CV Template + Copy of My Medical School CV!

While I was creating my Curriculum Vitae (CV) during medical school, I realized how helpful it would be to have a great template. I scoured the internet, but could not find one! So, I made my own!
I’m offering this CV template to save your precious time making your own!

This CV template is perfect for pre-medical and medical students! This can be used to apply to important positions like away rotations, research positions, scholarships, and volunteer experiences.
You should also keep an updated CV throughout pre-med/medical school. It makes applying to medical school/residency much easier!

This CV Template is completely customizable. You can remove any sections that don’t pertain to you and change all font colors and sizes! You must have Microsoft Word for it to work. The purpose of sharing my personal CV is for you to get an idea of how to write your descriptions.
Please do not copy or distribute these downloads.

CV Template + My Personal CV

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