6 Ways to Make Money as a Student in 2021

6 Ways to Make Money as a Student in 2021

Let’s be real. Being on a student budget is not fun. While in medical school, I was able to find ways to get multiple stream of income. They weren’t a significant amount $$, but it helps to have some extra cash in my pocket each month.

Of course, you can always get a part-time job, but here are some unique ways that you may not have thought of that are more flexible with a student’s schedule.


  • If you did well on any class/exam – become a private tutor! You can do so by letting friends know and charging them or working with a test prep company. You can also tutor younger kids on basic chemistry, math, etc.
    • There are various test prep companies you can check out by googling “become an MCAT/USMLE step tutor.”
    • Tutor younger children Tutors.com

Virtual assistant (VA)

  • There are a wide range of roles you can have as a VA and can range from scheduling people’s meeting to managing their business email. These are part-time positions and typically range from $20-25/hour. Find these jobs on Upwork.com.

Freelance work

  • If you have skills in editing videos or writing, you can provide your services as a freelancer here.

  • If you’re a medical student, you can edit pre-meds applications and do mock interviews for a fee. You can post on here to find clients.


  • Do you play the piano? Teach lessons!
  • Know how to make candles? Sell your products on Etsy!

Digital Products

  • I personally sell products that I have a lot of expertise it (e.g. writing a manuscript guide). You can use Canva to make these digital products (e.g. PDF).
  • If you don’t have an audience, you can sell on Etsy. Many people make printable study calendars, check-lists, and inspiration quotes and successfully sell them on there!
  • These are great because there only the upfront cost of making them and then you make $$ passively.

Sell old clothes or things you don’t use

  • Use Ebay, craigslist, Offerup, NextDoor to sell things you don’t use anymore! You’d be surprised by how much selling a few things adds up.


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