About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!! My name is Lily and I am a fourth-year medical student!

How did I get here?

I am originally from a small beach city in Orange County, California. I attended UC Irvine for undergrad, where I majored in Biological Sciences. There, I was enriched with experiences that cultivated my passion for science and research, which motivated me to consider a career in medicine! I was also a Division I student-athlete, competing in the 400-meter hurdles for UC Irvine (zot zot!).

Upon graduating, I moved to Portland, Oregon where I lived for two years. During this time, I worked as a patient care coordinator at pediatric and psychiatry clinics. I also took the MCAT and applied to medical school. Currently, I attend medical school in the south and am applying to residency in Otolaryngology!

Why this blog?

My vision for this blog is to help students navigate the complexities of applying to medical school and medical school itself. As someone who is a first-generation college student and first in my family to pursue medicine, I relied on many gracious mentors to help get me to where I am today. This blog is a tribute to them and is a way I will pay it forward to YOU as a future pre-med or current medical student!

Let’s face it. The journey to and through medical is TOUGH, and we need all the help we can get. I’m here to share with you all that I’ve learned through the process to help make it easier for you!