The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Students!

The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Students!

‘Tis the season! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a medical student, nursing student, pre-medical student, resident, or yourself — check out this epic gift guide for perfect items to get healthcare professionals! Happy shopping!


Some healthcare students purchase a stethoscope or are gifted one by their school when they start. However, on a student-budget, we usually don’t like to spend much on a stethoscope. So a nice new, shiny, high-quality stethoscope is always a great gift! A popular one among medical students and residents is the Littmann III Classic Stethoscope! They’re amazing quality and come in many different colors!

Wireless phone charger & UV cleaner

With the current COVID pandemic, staying safe by sanitizing our personal items is suppeerr important! To make it easier, this two-in-one phone charger and cleaner is an forward-thinking gift for any health care professional!

Alarm clock

I love this sleek and simple alarm clock by LEXON. Also, check out these two smart alarm clocks: (1) This one can pair with your Amazon Alexa Echo device, and gradually lights up when it goes off. (2) This one has soothing sounds to help you fall asleep and also comes with the gradual “sunrise” function!


Most hospitals are kept very cool, which makes a high-quality jacket a great gift! It also doubles as a great winter item! Northface, Patagonia, and Columbia jackets are the most popular ones worn by medical students and residents!

Here are some great Northface options for men: a full-zip and a quarter-zip!


The Apple watch is great for quickly checking messages while you’re on rounds, or running from one patient to another in clinic. The Series 6 is the newest one, and will be a popular gift item this year! If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Series 3 watch is a great option!

If you’re looking to give a traditional, here are some sleek and stylish options!
For the guy, check out this one by MVMT.
For the gal, check out Olivia Burton watches!


This is a PERFECT gift for virtual classes, interviews, and meetings. The new Airpods Pro has a great noise-canceling feature! If you’re looking for something that won’t break the wallet, consider the original Airpods. Both are incredible gifts!


A good suitcase is necessary for traveling for away rotations, interviews, and home! While travel is limited this year, a good suitcase will be cherished for years to come!

Weekend bag/travel tote

This multi-functional weekend tote organize everything you need for trips and is sleek and water-resistant! If you’re looking for a nice duffle bag, Herschel has classic ones!

Water bottle

Water bottles are essential for staying hydrated during long hospital shifts or study sessions. You can never go wrong with a HydroFlask. A newer brand, MiiR, also has great bottles that come in beautiful colors!

Coffee tumbler

Here’s my favorite one from Amazon! It comes in great colors, is durable, and keeps your coffee warm for an insanely long time. Get one for yourself while you’re at it! 😉

If you really want to spoil someone, you can splurge on this Smart Mug. It has a built-in automatic heater, and keeps your drink warm! It’s perfect for slow-drinkers like myself!


A professional blazer is an essential item for healthcare professional students and beyond! Express is my go-to place for blazers. Use my link here to get $10 off your order!

If you’re looking for an extra treat, Everlane has high-quality blazers that anyone would be lucky to have!

Comfortables shoes

Nikes and Adidas are great options. Another great brand is AllBirds. They seem to be very popular among healthcare workers and they’re so stylish! Lastly, for the ladies, Birdies are a great option. I really love my Starlings, in Latte Suede. They run true to size!

Coffee maker

Coffee is essential for most healthcare students! There are soo many great options. First, a nice coffee maker is always appreciated! If your student can afford the cups, Nepresso makes great coffee! Otherwise, here’s a programmable drip coffee maker from Target and a more affordable one from Amazon!

For those espresso lovers, check out the affordable espresso machine I have and highly recommend! Lastly, you can never go wrong with a french press, which provides a fast and easy way to make coffee on a busy morning.

P.S. For those who love their coffee with frothy milk/foam, get them this handheld frother!


This gratitude journal, filled with positive quotes, is a perfect give for busy healthcare workers who should be encouraged to spend 5-minutes a day reflecting on their important work to prevent burnout!

Compression socks

Being on your feet all day can make your legs ache, this makes compression socks a great stocking stuffer for your healthcare professional student! Here are two awesome deals: solid colors and girly designs!


A great pair of high-quality scrub is always appreciated! FIGS is a favorite among many health care professionals. Other amazing scrub brands are Medelita and Jannuu!

Note, scrubs can be a tricky gift because certain positions in the hospital/clinic are limited to wearing one color. Before you buy, find out what color(s) they’re allowed to wear!

Happy holidays!!


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